Friday, April 25, 2014

Academic Festival 2014

Forest technology students were big participants in this year's Academic Festival, as seen below.

Joshua Brenneman won third place with his project: Reforestation Potential of non-native tree species within Michaux Forest. Joshua also earned an honorable mention in the art exhibit.
Josh Rittenhouse researched the interactions of Allegheny wood rat raccoons with an infection of roundworms.

Tyler Hoffman and Dakota Aldinger evaluated the requirements to make a trail in the Michaux State Forest ADA accessible.

Ethan Mansfield, Coby Salmon, Kyle Beaver and Aaron Lewis evaluated an American Chestnut plantation in the Waynesboro Watershed.

Aaron Lewis and Ethan Mansfield developed a wildlife management plan for a forest landowner.
Coby Salmon studied the possibility of using goats as a method for controlling Japanese Angelica Tree on the Waynesboro Watershed.
Alex Storm and Brady Rosenberry created a wood identification display.

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