Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alumni Still Have the Touch for Woodsmen's Competition Events

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Alumni at the Penn State Mont Alto Reunion tried out Woodsmen's Competition events during the reunion on June 21st.

Coach Craig Houghton looks on as Paul Shogren and Jerry Klancer do the crosscut.

More Crosscutting.

Ken Swisher doing the bolt split.

Forestry Faculty Return

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Retired forestry faculty returned to Mont Alto to meet their old students at the Penn State Mont Alto Alumni Reunion on Saturday June 21.

Robert Douglas was a student at Mon Alto in 1952. He taught forestry courses from1963 to 1973.

Ken Swisher taught dendrology and other forestry courses from1964 to 1996.

Nick Hunter taught at Mont Alto from 1974 to 1985.
The faculty and alumni reminisced over numerous labs in the forests around Mont Alto.

Visit to the Watershed

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During the Penn State Mont Alto Reunion and 45th Anniversary alumni visited the Waynesboro Watershed where forest technology students carry out many field labs.
Alumnus Dennis Braun tries out the skidder used in harvesting labs in the 1970's, which is still working today. Braun's son, Kevin, is a current forest technology student at Mont Alto.
Craig Houghton, forestry instructor and program coordinator, leads the discussion at the Waynesboro Reservoir.
A fabulous day at the Reservoir