Friday, March 30, 2007

Timber Harvesting Visit

Students from the Forest Management Practices class visited a 40 acre timber harvesting operation in Rye Township (near Marysville) yesterday. Consulting forester, and Mont Alto alumnus Michael Waldron (in the red vest in the top picture) explained the silvicultural and landowner goals for this oak stand on the side of a hill. He also described how a forester has to meet landowner goals, silvicultural standards, and loggers' needs while still earning income from the job. Good communication and a willingness to listen are critical. Thanks, Mike, for a great visit. Click here for more pictures.
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mira Lloyd Dock Presentation

To help celebrate Women's History Month, Dr. Susan Rimby from Shippensburg University presented a program on the life and times of Mira Lloyd Dock, one of the founders of the Pennsylvania State Forestry Academy at Mont Alto and the Pennsylvania State Forestry Commission, this past Tuesday March 20th. According to Dr. Rimby, Dock was the "Founding Mother" of the forestry academy. She was beloved by the students as a mentor and counsellor. While respecting the Victorian mores of her time, Dock was active in forestry, conservation, and urban beautification at a time when few women were involved in public life. She was a leader in women's clubs both in Pennsylvania and nationally. She used the clubs to motivate women to become real powers in the conservation movement. Dr. Rimby is currently writing a biography of Dock.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Healthy Hemlocks

During spring break from Penn State I visited my family in Maine. Taking a hike in the Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary in Lewiston I came across this lovely stand of healthy hemlock. In most of Pennsylvania the hemlock woolly adelgid has decimated the hemlock forests. I had forgotten how attractive a stand of healthy hemlock trees looks. No wonder it was made the state tree of Pennsylvania. This just shows the danger of invasive species and pests.
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