Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stihl Timbersports Collegiate

Kevin Braun represented Penn State Mont Alto in the Stihl Timbersports Collegiate Mid-Atlantic Championship. He competed in the following events: Underhand chop, Stock saw, Standing block, and Single buck. Kevin came in third overall in a very strong field.

Congratulations to winner Matt Slingerland of Montgomery Community College, who will go on to the National Championship!

Mont Alto Woodsmen Win Mid-Atlantic

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The Penn State Mont Alto Woodsmen Team won the Mid-Atlantic meet help at Allegany College of Maryland against a strong field. If everyone looks sunburned in this picture, it's because they are! It was a beautiful, sunny day! All the members of the team made great contributions. Martha King was outstanding. As the team's only female competitor she won several of the women's events.

Watch this video composite of the events.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mont Alto Students inducted into Honor Society

Three graduating Penn State Mont Alto Forest Technician students were inducted into the Council of Eastern Forest Technician Schools (CEFTS) Honor Society today. From left to right: Kevin Braun, Koby Cutchall, and Eric Monger. Eric also received a CEFTS scholarship. The Honor Society recognizes superior academic performance among forest technician students. CEFTS is comprised of colleges offering Associate degrees in forest technology in the United States and Canada.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Forestry Students at the Academic Festival

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Ethan Bradley mapped the extent of the Appalachian Trail and the 500 foot buffer strip in Pennsylvania.

Josiah Knopsnider conducted a forest inventory and developed a forest management plan for his family's property based on the crop tree release silvicultural system.
Koby Cutchall analyzed deer harvesting levels and distribution in recent years distributed by game management zones.
Mike Wagaman discusses emerald ash borer with Phil Bietch.
Bryan Cleveland illustrated contour planting patterns on his family's farm.
Hunter Stauffer partnered with Frank Grano on a study of the decline of true butternut trees in our area.

Forestry Students at the Academic Festival

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Brandon Brantner studied the effects of gypsy moth on timber harvests in the Michaux State Forest.


Taylor Freeman mapped the watersheds in the Susquehannock State Forest Area.

Eric Monger analyzed the timber production that may be lost if a proposed mandatory buffer zone is legislated aroun streams. He used Potter County as an example.
Luke Parr mapped a major natural gas pipeline as it crosses Pennsylvania.

Mark Porambo analyzed the viewshed around a logging operation near campus in the Michaux State Forest.

Gabrielle Diakow studied water pollution in the lower Susquehenna River.

Forestry Category Winners

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Mark Mizak and Alexander Lamoreaux won first place for their presentation on building and placing nesting boxes for saw whet owls in the Waynesboro Watershed.


Ricky Hutton earned second place for his poster of Dendrology Artwork.

Kevin Braun (pictured above) and Frank Grano came in third for their project Arboretum Anticipation Plantings, that mapped soil pH around plantings in the arboretum.

Academic Festival

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Today was the fourth annual Academic Festival at Penn State Mont Alto. Many forest technology students entered projects.


Adam Runk and Dan Schrom examine Bryan's poster.
Dan Stouch and Taylor Freeman
Casey Johnson, Ethan Wall, and Severin Thierwechter listen to Mark Parambo (center)