Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Camp Michaux Visit

Today students in the Aerial Photo Interpretation class visited the site of Camp Michaux near Pine Grove State Park. This site was originally a farm, later a CCC camp, a POW camp, a church youth camp, and finally reverted to forests. We recorded waypoint with a GPS. These will be included in a GIS map. Then we will georeference digitized aerial photos to show how the site changed over time. That part is for a later lab. for today we followed the self-guided from the Cumberland County Historical Society.

Here are a few scenes from today.

 Foundation of a garage that has the inscribed name of a German prisoner on one pier.

 Historical marker

The emblem of the POW camp is inscribed on this stone.

 Checking out the emblem.

Posing at the old fountain, built by the CCC members.

Flagpole from the CCC days. It points to the North.

Walkway lined by spruce trees.

This stairway to nowhere was built by the CCC members. It was used by the church camp groups for photos. 

Surviving wall of the old barn.