Thursday, April 03, 2008

Contour Lines Added to Google Maps

I saw in the Google LatLong blog yesterday that Google has added contour lines to the terrain view. This capability was added by , a Google intern. Follow this link to the blog posting.

Here is a map I made of Mount Washington in New Hampshire:

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Mount Washington is the highest point on the east coast of the USA.

I am not sure how they select the contour interval. It seems to be 40 feet.

Here is another map of the Waynesboro Reservoir:

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This one also seems to have a 40 foot interval, too. It will be interesting to check other regions, such as the Rockies. I do like the effect of contours and shading to show elevation. This is a great option. It turns the online maps into much more of a professional tool.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. I was looking at google maps at a neighborhood level, and I couldn't find a single labeled contour mark, let alone a pair to count between.