Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dawn Redwood in Massachussetts

While visiting family in Westfield, MA I came across this fine example of a dawn redwood. It is located in a small park that is slated to be removed to accommodate a new bridge crossing. The city is trying to decide what to do with the tree. Dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) is a fast growing deciduous conifer that was discovered in China in the 1940's and had been considered extinct before. It grows very well in urban settings, although there have been problems with vigor from hybrid inbreeding.

According to a recent article in Westfield's newspaper, The Republican, the city now has to decide how to save the tree or whether to cut it down.
Thanks to Chris Morrill for showing me this tree.

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Anonymous said...

My late father planted one of these trees in our front yard ~25 years ago in Hughes, AR. He was fascinated by the tree's history (we are of Chinese descent). Today the tree is huge and dominates the whole lot. My mother has the old house for sale, and I've obtained a clipping from the tree and hope to grow more on our family's land in memory of my dad.

Also interested in whether this tree is good for timber. We have some acres of available low, swampy and semi-swampy land available in Arkansas.